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We are professional recruitment team. We have many possibilities to facilitate the acquisition of new employees for our customers. We have connected many employment related issues, which is associated with many amenities for our clients. 

Due to individual solutions and projects, we can reduce the costs associated with the acquisition of qualified employees. We work well to do it for the common good.

 Specialists from each sector will help you find the best workers!
 - Build sector
 - Technical sector 
- Logistic sector 
- Production sector 
 Simply Smart Successful

Would you like to have full offer send as an e-mail: subject "Recruitment cooperation"

Project: IT in your back office! 

Have you ever thought about those companies which offers " New website" , " New logo", "We will build your system for employees". 
They are just creating new things but when they done noone care for those projects. They won't work for you when order is done. 
We have said "enough"! Our brand new project is for costumers/ companies looking for long term cooperation. 
We ensure contact with best specialists from IT sector as: 
- Graphics 
- Webmasters 
- Analytics 
 - IT Programmers and more! 
 You will not have to give them full time job you can have those people for hours each month or for orders! It is much easier. You don't have to worry about nothing anytime you will need help we will be with you.  
The patrons of the project are American companies from the IT industry.
 For more information send us an e-mail: subject " IT Project" 
Współpraca ze szkołami technicznymi jak i zawodowymi! Zapraszamy szkoły do podjęcia kontaktu z nami w sprawie współpracy! 
Dzięki projektom typu Young Project czy Young Tech Project otwieramy nowe horyzonty dla osób zaraz po szkole! 

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